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"Not perfect, but 90% is high mark"

I have admitted going 'fanatic' during big basketball games on TV to the extent they ask me to find another TV. And what is especially frustrating? When your team needs a big free throw to tie or win the game and the shooter throws up a brick!

Now on a good day I have hit 10 out of 10 free throws on the backyard hoop, but do you know what the percentages are at the highest levels?
  • All-time college leader is Blake Ahearn at Missouri State 2004-2005 with the all-time NCAA single season mark at 97.5%
  • All-time NBA season free-throw percentage leader is Mark Price with Cleveland Cavaliers: 90.4%
  • All-time Kentucky Wildcat season leader is Jodie Meeks at 88.99% with Kyle Macy at 88.98%
  • Just for laughs, the Guinness record for consecutive free throws is Ted St. Martin: 5,221 [and he never played college basketball]

I received a list last week from showing Top 10 Used Cars based on shoppers visiting their website:
          1.   Jeep Wrangler
          2.   Ford F-150
          3.   Chevrolet Silverado
          4.   Chevrolet Camaro
          5.   Dodge Charger
          6.   Toyota Camry
          7.   Ford Mustang
          8.   Honda Accord
          9.   BMW 3 Series
        10.  Nissan Altima
The Don Moore Automotive Team in Owensboro and Hartford has 9 out of 10...90%! Now that works for me and I hope you check out our used inventory for your favorite model.

Thanksgiving, Home and Home Cookin'!!!!!

All across the country, over 40 million travelers are on the road to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.  This is one of my favorite days of the year - the enjoyment of being home with family and catching up on conversation.  But without a doubt at the Moore household, it is a day of holiday feasting unsurpassed for aromas and some once-a-year taste treats.  My favorites?  Thanks for asking.         

Country Ham Salad
Before the meal, my brothers and sister stand around the kitchen island and nibble on the food "we are about to receive".  In order to slow us down, my mother always makes a big helping of Country Ham Salad.  That and crackers start the day off great.  As an extra topping, I like to add a little of my dad's homemade Blue Cheese dressing.  The best!!!!! [I am not a food critic who uses 'five stars', 5 !!!!! -- that's unbeatable].

Bean Bundles
Green bean bundles are good, but green beans wrapped in bacon with butter and brown sugar on top is the best.  When we fill our plates the first time, everyone is very un-selfish, but as soon as everyone goes through the line of food, the bean bundles go fast.  As seconds, most don't make it to the plate.   They go from the pan to the mouth and that's !!!!! even if it's not good manners.

Sweet Potato Casserole
Growing up I did not like sweet potatoes.  I don't know why, but they were not my thing.  I tried to like them, but finally I decided I would not even try them.  Then my wife's enlightened me.  She said I had never tasted her Sweet Potato Casserole.  It was her Nana's recipe.  Finally I gave in and put a pinch on my plate.  Needless to say, I now fill my plate with her Sweet Potato Casserole.  (It is so sweet, I can even eat it for dessert...another !!!!!)

Every year my family raves about how good the pumpkin pie is.  They tell me how great it is.  My mother always brings me a piece of pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin pie is fine, BUT ITS NOT DESSERT!  In fact, have you ever seen anyone eat pumpkin pie without whip cream.  I believe Pumpkin Pie is an excuse to load up on whip cream.  If you are going to do that, do what my granddad did to us as kids. We opened our mouth and he sprayed the whip cream directly into our mouth!  This was truly the best part of Thanksgiving.  So pass on the Pumpkin pie and just put a load of whip cream in a bowl and live it up.  Or, put the whip cream on Pecan Pie or Chess pie.  That is truly good!!!!!

My favorite Thanksgiving quote... "It's good to be blessed, it's better to be a blessing!"  I am thankful for all who lend a hand to those in need and to all who support our efforts at The Overflow Café.

And I can't forgot to say, lend a hand to those who prepared your holiday meal and help clean up the kitchen (you will get the best of the left-overs).  From the entire Moore family, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


25,000 Reasons I'm glad to be in Owensboro!

We have gotten our first taste of winter but I want to share this story I saw on CNN the other night.

The Buffalo, NY, area has been slammed with 5.5 feet of snow with more coming.  The CNN weather reporter was putting into perspective just how much snow that is in terms of removal.  His example was if you had to clear 1000 square feet -- the example, a 20 x 50 foot driveway -- covered with the over 5 feet of snow, you were moving 25,000 pounds of snow.  That's over 12 tons of the wet stuff!

I tip my stocking cap to the folks cleaning our streets just like you do, and especially so because of all that is going on at the Don Moore Automotive Team.  At every location, Cash for Trash is underway so if you can scrape the snow off of any old clunker and its worth up to a $2000 cash voucher to purchase any used vehicle.

And with what the manufacturers are coming with as Black Friday bonuses, the savings make it worth a trip to your favorite store.  It's incredible -- buy select Buicks and GMCs 20% off , that's unheard of.  And at Moore Ford in Hartford, an Amazon gift card up to $1000 when you buy almost any new Ford.  The savings are coming fast and furious, so in the warm comfort of your home log on and click specials.

A Bunch of Tall Guys Named Short!

The Don Moore Automotive Team is celebrating their 95th Anniversary and fourth-generation dealer Don Moore sat down to reflect on some of his 'firsts' that he experienced.

Q:  Driving Smiles since 1919, how did the Moore family get into the automotive business?

A: Don Moore:

It all started with my great-grandfather C.P. "Percy" Short and his brothers Freeman, E.K "Kelly" and H.L "Harry" Short starting Short Brothers Motor Company in 1919.  They started out in what was not much more than a garage and parking lot selling Scripps Booth and Stephens Saline Six Automobiles.  Chevrolet bought out Scripps Booth and they signed a contract to sell Chevrolet's in 1920.  The neat thing is my great-grandfather kept a diary; I still have it and some interesting reading.  For example, in 1921 their volume sales total for the year was just over $20,000 and they were proud of that -- today that would buy you a nice car!

As I look back, I am amazed at how the Short brothers started something that would be here today.   The satisfying thing to me it still is a family-owned business and I am working with my brothers.  What always makes me laugh is looking at a picture of my great-grandfather with his brothers, they were a bunch of tall guys named Short, but I have to say 95 years later, they cast a long shadow.


Wow...could've had a V8!

One of my favorite advertising slogans -- and I bet you've heard it -- is for probably the original health drink:  "Wow, I could've had a V8!"  It's been around a long time, well before the internet, and in my opinion is what shopping then and today is all about -- choice!  Even more meaningful is what this slogan says to the shopper -- not only are there choices but by shopping around you might surprise yourself and get more than expected.

You've heard us talking about the new way of shopping in the Tri-State that's 'Fast, Fun and Easy', and to me the Don Moore Automotive Team is the perfect example.  In the showroom and online, you will find our lowest price 'right from the get-go'!   That makes it fast, what makes it fun and easy is the side-by-side comparison shopping of all the major brands -- you can see them, sit in them, test drive them in only a matter of minutes.

Experience the Fast, Fun and Easy difference today -- don't make a $1000 mistake and shake your head saying, "Wow, I could've had one of the best in the world at Don Moore!"  Make the smart choice, get our best price and you know what I'd like to hear you say: "It's Hot, Don!"



From the Desk of Don Moore:

 If you're shopping for a new vehicle this holiday weekend, there hasn't been this much 4th of July excitement since the Bicentennial -- and that's almost 40 years ago!

 It couldn't have happened at a better time!  No sooner does the Don Moore Tent Sale kick-off and the good folks in Frankfort pass a new Kentucky Sales Tax Law.  This is an incredible tax savings when you trade-in a vehicle on a new 2014!

 Call or come by any Don Moore location in Owensboro and Hartford and see how much more you can save.  With our Fast, Fun & Easy Don Moore Tent Sale pricing, now's the best time to buy and save...

 And the way I see it, THAT'S THE LAW!  Have a great 4th of July weekend!   We will be celebrating with our families on the 4th but we will be back on Saturday looking  forward to seeing you!

Don Moore


Home from the Holidays!    5/29/2014

I certainly hope everybody made it back safely from their Memorial Day holiday break because when you look at these facts from AAA, staying home and turning on the sprinkler might have been a wise choice:

  • Over 36 million Americans traveled at least 50 miles from home over the weekend
  • 88% used the automobile as their form of transportation
  • Bottom line, the total is 2.6% higher than the average over the past 10 years
  • 2nd highest Memorial Day traveler tally measured since 2000

Now, I also want to thank everyone who stayed here in the Tri-State and made their way to our Memorial Day Moving Sale! We were open for the first time on Monday and what a crowd at all of our sale lots.

And for everyone who got back into town, I invite you to take advantage of Moving Sale prices extended through this Saturday. Nope, we're not moving but we're very serious about 'moving' new and used vehicles from our sale lots to your driveway. And there are over 900 to choose from!


This year the Derby was more exciting for me than any I can remember because I almost got real lucky.

We all know the Derby is called 'the greatest two minutes in sports' and this year's winner California Chrome stretched it a little bit as the official time was 2:03.66.  But, if it had ended just one second sooner, my wild-guess 'box bet' would have paid off big-time.

As it was, one of the horses I picked got nudged by a nose and I have to say that was one of the most expensive nose-job in history.  Like I told a friend, just one more example for that old saying: "if it's and but's were fruits and nuts... "  Close may count in horseshoes but in horse racing a different story because for me at least, the odds of picking the winner are hard to beat.

So how does this relate to shopping at the Don Moore Automotive Team?   For one thing, the odds are in your favor of finding the perfect vehicle to meet your driving needs.  With over 900 vehicles there is a very good chance we have what you are looking for, both for price-range and favorite color and equipment.

Fast, fun and easy!   That's our priority and ensures you will enjoy picking your winner -- every time! 

Toyota Tundra TRDpro: Built for the weekend!

Let’s go mudding, ripping, shredding, tearing, plowing, climbing, rushing, crushing and roaring in the

Tell us where you take your truck.

The Toyota Tundra at Don Moore Automotive

Can you relate to busy days filled with family outings and ball games?

Read how the Ford Flex has helped make managing a sprint-worthy schedule a true home-run:

Hyundai Motor America recently announced Don Moore Hyundai has been chosen to receive their second consecutive Hyundai President's Award! This award is part of a national dealer recognition program that rewards top performing dealers for outstanding customer satisfaction and excellence in the Hyundai Purchase Index.

"We're thrilled to be recognized as one of the top Hyundai dealers across the country," said Ronald Lowenfield, General Manager, Don Moore Hyundai.

 "Receiving the President's Award from Hyundai is a reflection of the hard work and emphasis our staff places on generating a high level of customer service and exceptional sales. We are excited to share this recognition with them."

Hyundai Motor America recognized only 30 of the top dealers across the country for this award.

"The recipients of the President's Award shine, not only in sales, but also in customer satisfaction," said David Zuchowski, executive vice president, Sales, Hyundai Motor America. "As one of Hyundai's best-performing dealerships in the U.S., Don Moore Hyundai has played a key role in our continued success."
The 2014 Toyota Corolla at Don Moore Automotive
The 2014 Ford Flex in Owensboro

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